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John, 30.06.04
How much?
Answer: (от: 30.06.04)
The minimal charge for 30 minutes treatment is Rbl 777 [US$ 26] the maximum cost of 2 hour special "Thai fairytale" massage is Rbl 3.000 [US$ 100]. Prices are dependent on the parlour class and they may flactuate within 10%. If you prefer to be charged by hour, you can save from 10 to 23% of the cost.
John, 30.06.04
Which parlour is less expensive?
Answer: (от: 30.06.04)
The economy class parlour that it located in Shchukino area [north-western region of Moscow], close to the subway station "Oktyabrskoye Pole". This is the only economy class parlour of oriental relaxation, the rest of them have the higher level of service and are more expensive. Since other parlours are located in the "A" class buisness centers and in the best fitness clubs and beauty salons, the charges there are the highest. However the professional level of massage is high everywhere.
John, 30.06.04
Who is the best masseure/masseuse?
Answer: (от: 30.06.04)
All our employees are graduates of the world renowned Thai massage centre in Bangkok,Thailand which is located in Vat Po monastery. Each and everyone Thai member of our staff has had from 5 to 15 years experience in Thai massage, hence they are highly qualified professionals. The massage technique varies because the massage is performed by human beings and not by robot serving the conveyer belt. The technique basically is similar since all the masseures have come from the same school of Wat Pho monastery but performance may vary and we at "7 colours" are encouraging the individuality.
You may wish to try different techniques of different masseures and masseuses and decide for yourself who is more suitable for your particular requirements. Sometimes through the diffrerncies existing at energy levels of masseure and the client, better compatibility and comfort could be achived.
John, 30.06.04
What should I bring along to the parlour?
Answer: (от: 30.06.04)
Our response is - nothing, the individual overalls and towels are provided. It is recommended to get the massage - like in case of fitness session- on the empty stomach. Also try to tune your mind on anticipating pleasant emotions.
John, 30.06.04
What is our time schedule?
Answer: (от: 30.06.04)
We are open from 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. but some parlours are open up to 10.30 p.m.
John, 30.06.04
Should I book the session in advance?
Answer: (от: 30.06.04)
Yes, the advanced 24 hour booking is recommended but for the sessions on Friday and over the week-end you should book 2-3 days in advance. For some special kind of massage, for example for SLIM-massage "Minus 7 cm" one week reservation is needed.
John, 30.06.04
Can I pay in dollars?
Answer: (от: 30.06.04)
Unfortunately, you can not, payment is accepted in Russian rubles only. However, the administration can arrange the cash conversion at the nearest Forex exchange bureau.
John, 30.06.04
Answer: (от: 30.06.04)
Not compulsory, and in the fitness centres tips are totally prohibited [their inside regulation].
However if you feel like tipping the masseure/masseuse the small sum of US$ 3.0-5.0 pour boir is sufficient.
John, 30.06.04
How to communicate with Thai nationals?
Answer: (от: 30.06.04)
It is not a big problem, try the body language. Some specialists speak little English, but by training they can understand the client with only a half-word spoken. In case of the communication problem, do not hesistate to call the administrator on duty.
John, 30.06.04
How to book the session?
Answer: (от: 30.06.04)
Kindly call 105-51-77, our multichannel phone number or call at the nearest massage parlour and entry your name into the booking registry.
The management of the "7 colours" woud like to emphasise the very important point - Thai massage is the healing procedure and it has nothing in common with erotic massage.
During Thai massage sesssion both masseur and client are clad in special cotton overalls and the only part of the body left naked are the client's feet.
We would also like to apologise for any inconvinience that may be caused by temporary non-fluency of our staff in English.
However we try to do our best to satisfy you, our dear customer.
Our motto is "To maintain unified standard of high quality service".
We are looking forward to seeing you at one of the "7 colours" parlours.
Yours truly,
The management of "7 colours".

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