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Delicate questions and SPA-etiquette

What should I put on if I want to visit your SPA-saloon? Do you have any dress-code?

There are no restrictions – put on such clothes as you want, which are comfortable for you, according to your mood.


About valuables – is the administration responsible for them? Do you guarantee for the safety of valuables?

For sure we are responsible for your belongings! But don’t forget to hand in your valuables to the administrator. Outerwear is taken and returned according to checks.

Can I visit a saloon right after work? Will I have an opportunity to take a shower? Should I take extra clothes, slippers and so on?

In every THAI-SPA saloon there you can take a shower. There are all the necessary things: a professional shampoo and a hair conditioner, a shower gel as well as a bathrobe, towels, a hair-dryer, disposable combs and slippers. You don’t have to take anything with you for the massage.


What do Masters and the guests of a saloon put on during the SPA-program?

Thai- and Bali-Masters work in a cotton uniform. Before Thai-massage you will be given a personal cotton costume. Before Bali-massage, oil-massage and slim-massage you will be given disposable bikini and bathing caps and parts of body, which are not massaged at the moment, are covered with a towel.


Are there any erotic elements?

No! You may come yourself to check and then without any doubts you can bring your beloved (women often do like this and then bring their husbands). We provide only health-improvement SPA-programs and any hints of “something else” are nipped in the bud by both administrators and Masters.


Do you have any restrictions for the guests of THAI-SPA saloons?

You shouldn’t make phone calls and speak loudly (not to disturb other guests). Before SPA-programs it’s not worth eating and drinking too much. We can refuse to serve persons in the state of alcoholic intoxication or in case of inadequate behavior.

About the tea ceremony…

For tea and coffee is used premium bottled spring water. You may ask for juice or water in a bottle, which will be opened in your presence.


About tips – when should I give them, to whom and how much?

Tips for a Master of massage in Thailand and Bali are a tradition. After a SPA-program the Master brings you tea, and then he or she returns to the hall to bow. You can give tips personally to the Master or ask the administrator to give the money to the Master while paying for the service. There is a secret rule in “7 KRASOK” – 100% of tips left for the Master come exactly to the Master (in Asia it’s often done differently). We emphasize that if you don’t leave any tips it won’t influence the quality of the services. Sometimes our guests give tips even to administrators.
The question “how much” is very private and depends on “the state of soul”. Probably, you shouldn’t leave 50 rubles – for all that we have professionally qualified Masters who don’t belong to low-paid personnel. We have heard that our guests after the course, which “set them on feet”, cured their back, helped them to lose weight, helped them out with depression and so on, expressed too much gratitude: one offered Leck a trip to Turkey, Geu – a jewel and Satiya – a yacht plus “hand and heart”. Our Masters won’t take such gifts. Please, keep with the golden mean.


If I come in an expensive suit, can I take an oil-massage? Will the oil dirty my clothes or not?

In our SPA-programs we use natural hypoallergic oils of high quality which are well absorbed and easily washed away. For suits and other clothes there are clothes racks in the room for SPA-programs.


What can you tell about the security of the buildings where are situated THAI-SPA saloons?

As a rule our saloons are situated in business centers with guards on the outside, watching cameras and the call of the Quick Response Team.


There are a lot of infections in Asia…

Our foreign personnel is exhausted (in a good sense) with checkups. Before being employed a candidate undergoes a detailed checkup in state clinics of Thailand and Indonesia, which are authorized to give a special permission to work abroad, while receiving the visa to Russia he or she undergoes international medical tests for AIDS virus and in Russia the candidate undergoes the checkup to receive a medical history sheet and regular medical tests to keep it. We have a very careful control.


You have conditioned rooms – is it possible to catch an infection?

In the Sanitary-Epidemiological Station there is a special service, which regularly organizes prophylaxis and disinfection of air conditioners and ventilation. We do this even more often than SES recommends.


How do your personnel react on celebrities? Do they want to communicate, take an autograph and so on?

Our personnel react very calmly (the Masters from Thailand and Bali react absolutely calmly – for understandable reasons). Famous people such as TV-presenters, politicians, actors, and sportsmen visit us every day and they feel comfortable, nobody annoys them. We keep delicacy.


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