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2003 - 2016 гг.
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About the company

Version 1.0
(Year 2003)

1. About big and small 

Usually in this section big and solid companies demonstrate their impressive figures of growth, talk about achievements, awards and victories in competitions. They also speak about a long way that business went through, outset of its development, long list of its partnerships. And in the end they’ll try to impress you with their huge plans of opening their venture in Hanti-Mansiisk or Paris. And their strategy, of course, would be franchise.

We won’t be looking up and go on about our meaning.

“7 KRASOK” is a young corporation. Its owners have a certain experience in spheres other than beauty salons, which in fact, only helps. 

2. At the present time 

“7 KRASOK” doesn’t aim to open ‘just another beauty salon’. Most of the salons in Moscow are monotonous. It’s not nearly enough to differentiate in location, interior and prices.

“7 KRASOK” has a fresh look at things. We had an opportunity to experience what beauty industry offers as consumers. We had a personal experience. We always paid attention on how Swiss, Israel and Thai Spa have it – what we like, and what is worth of borrowing. Why looking at ‘them’? Just because ‘they’ have high service standards and beauty industry exists for a long time. 

3. About our standards 

“7 KRASOK” is prepared to work with the most demanding clients. Those ones, who ‘travelled, saw and knows’, the difference between just service and high service. Our service does not depend on the mood of administrator or client status, as it usually is at most salons in Moscow. Our slogan is: ‘ keeping unified standards of high quality services’.

“7 KRASOK” – is a company with a certain corporate culture, with only qualified staff and unforgettable atmosphere of internal and external comfort. We hope that this is the quality that differs us and privilege us from others. 

4. About the story 

“7 KRASOK” is a young company that can’t yet show off a long list of its awards and achievements. But there must me a story of the company? Of course! We have it! 

5. About the name 

“First there was a word”, - says the Bible. Our ‘word’ is the title itself. The title of the company can establish the whole life cycle of the new corporation. We chose ‘7 KRASOK’, where seven is introduced as a number. By the way, all the Russian letters in our title are present in English alphabet, which makes our title to be registered as it is in both languages, which is quite rare.

There are 7 symbols in our title and that is not a coincidence. Number seven carries some significance in the Eastern culture and in Bible as well as in philosophy. In Russian legends 7 warriors are ready to come for help, and magical flower with 7 leaves can make any of your 7 wishes come true. Dreams take you beyond 7 seas, and charismatic sounds of the music are combined out of 7 notes. Since the very childhood we are amazed by the 7 miracles of the world and 7 colors of the rainbow. There are 7 days in a week, humans’ sells revive every 7 year, and our Moscow is a city that stands on the 7 hills. Traditions about number 7 can go on and on…

Hence, if the universal formula of harmony exists, number seven should definitely be in it. That’s what we believe in (by the way, title and symbol passed official checks and now are protected from plagiarism). 

6. Something special 

Every beauty salon needs to have something special, unique, if they attempt to differ from other salons. Some, invite ‘celebrities’, if not, at least their students. What else is there to do? Overwhelm customers with expensive interiors and sophisticated equipments? That is too common, plus it is likely not to approve the costs. Yes, we are romantics, but also pragmatics.

“7 KRASOK” decided to offer something special to elite beauty salons and fitness centers, something that no one has in Moscow – Thai spa massage specialists. To be more precise – 7 native Thai specialists (the number became bigger a bit later). No need to explain why 7. Pretty surprising, but according to immigration department, no one ever did this before – neither in Moscow, nor in Russia. It’s a new thing and we are sure that there will be followers. Announce that ‘WE DID IT FIRST’ is not our company’s privilege. As a matter of fact, an attempt of lying about our Thai people being someone else’s staff, sure happened – but it’s not a big deal.

We really did build a wall of trust in Thailand as well as in Russia, and we did it the legal way. Our experience is priceless. 

7. About future plans 

It is quite simple. You’ll be laughing, but ‘7 KRASOK’ is creating its own brand and a small franchise.

First, we are opening our business class salon in a prestigious “Zolotie Kluchi – 2” residential and business center, where office number 7 will be located (of course “7”! how could we not choose this office!), and 1 or 2 more simpler salons and couple of cabins of Eastern relaxation in elite beauty salons, SPA, fitness carters both in Moscow and its suburbs. We are ready to built Eastern relaxation cabins foe their staff and top-managers. Privilege of these cabins is an extra motivation of your staff. So, if you are interested in ‘turn-key Thai people’ do not hesitate to contact us.

7+ The role of the company in the development of beauty industry in Russia

For now (until our company reaches the age of 77) we’ll leave this section blank…

And at last, we are not good or bad. We are normal. Lets move forward together!

Sincerely yours,



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