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Unique gift

Gift Certificate from ‘7 KRASOK’ spa salons – is a wonderful, unforgettable, exquisite, wise, exotic, luxurious gift to close ones, business partners or corporate clients!

Choosing the present is very important, and we always want our presents to be useful.

Gift certificates in ‘7 KRASOK’ for spa services include all the important bits of a good present. Our certificates are:

· Exclusive, especially when ‘he/she has got everything already’

· Useful – it would be quite unpleasant if your gift would be placed somewhere in the corner because it’s pointless.

· Beautiful, in order to pass a holiday atmosphere, also appealing and sincere.

· Not expensive, at least not too expensive, so you don’t put someone in awkward situation and not too cheap (we consider $100 for the gift is just right)

· Qualitative – so no one thinks that you bought them something deceitful.

· With the sense of humor and good mood – as a rule, there isn’t enough of it in life

· Comfortable (for those who enjoy making gifts), with a minimum time wasted (there is an advantage in the internet: ‘you order- we deliver’).

Our gift certificate was a present even for the minister – and we know for a fact that he liked it!

Order our gift certificate for massage or other spa services, and resolve the problem of choosing a present. 



Gift certificates and invitation vouchers can be written out on any Spa programs that our company offers. And that is over 50 various spa programs. Please note! The benefit of this certificate is that there will be no mention of the price. You make a gift of an exclusive service. Wouldn’t you agree, that for example when you get a gift certificate with 5000 rubles on it, you think ‘am I worth that amount?’


Gift sertificate 7 KRASOK

Terms and conditions of our gift certificates:

1. Our certificate is valid for 77 days from the date of your purchase, unless special terms are discussed.

2. The date when it gets activated can be nominated by the person who purchases it for no longer than 30 days from the day of the purchase. That gives you an opportunity to emphasize the important date, if this gift is for anniversary.

3. Certificate is set to a certain massage; ‘7KRASOK’ is obliged to provide the massage written on the certificate. The location of the service also depends on where the certificate has been purchased. Exchange for money or other services are not possible. If the certificate has been lost, it cannot be restored.

4. In order to be able to use the service presented on the certificate all that needs to be done is to call 925-51-77 and discuss the time suitable for you and also notify the number of the certificate and the date it has been purchased on.

5. Gift certificate can be purchased in any of the ‘7 KRASOK’ salons or arrange the delivery. To arrange the delivery you need to call 925-51-77.

Certificate can be delivered only if its cost is more the 10 000 rubles. The cost of the delivery – 280 rubles around MKAD, everything besides MKAD – the cost will be discussed. Certificates on our massages and invitation vouchers under 10 000 rubles can be purchased in any of our salons for any Spa programs that last an hour or more. For example: you can go to one of our salon that is located Novii Arbat and purchase a certificate that will be valid in Korolev. If you are on a holiday in Naxabino, you are able to by a gift certificate on any spa services to be valid in “Evropark” which is located in Rublevka (see ‘our geography’ for more information about the locations of our salons) and so on.

6. If you wish, you could organize an individual writing on the gift certificate: any wishes, congratulations, even a small poem, from your name to a person that you purchase the certificate for. This will not cost you extra.

7. You need to present the certificate to our receptionist when you come for a massage. If the deposit has been paid, you get your own deposit card for your comfort.

If you need any further information about our services and prices regarding gift certificates please visit any of our ‘7 KRASOK’ salons.







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