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Romantic rendezvous in SPA

Romantic rendezvous in 7 KRASOK
Romantic presents for pairs from “7 KRASOK” will be useful if:
You want to make an uncommon present for your half... Male a declaration of love... Refresh your feelings... Make up with each other... Thank your half for the fact that he exists in your life... Make the final decision about your relationships... Stay alone with your half... Tell the most important words... Meet each other rather far off … An exotic variant instead of a restaurant, a club or a hotel...

What is “Romantic rendezvous” in “7 KRASOK”?
This is a travel to another reality.
In the East for centuries exist rituals that awake the feelings which emphasize the importance of that very moment of happiness. Love is believed to be the top of human spirit. The beloved is deified and honored. The beloved man is respected and appreciated. Yin and Yang. Female and male beginnings that create an integral harmonious life. Light energies. SPA saloon “7 KRASOK”. Thai- and Bali-masters. Halftones. Muted lights. Quite ethnic music. Candles. Wonderful eastern aromas. Rest and pacification. Exquisite atmosphere of love – the mystery which consists of many parts...
Do you want to make an unusual present to your beloved and spend a wonderful evening with him or her?
You may choose:

SPA for TWOSpa for two in 7 Krasok

Price – 8 250 rubles
It’s one more reason to meet, receive positive emotions from “Harmony-Massage” or “77 minutes of Bliss” and talk over a cup of green tea with Eastern treats. It’s a perfect present for a wife and a husband, for two friends or for two lovers.
Meet in “7 KRASOK”!

Romantic rendezvous in Thai or Bali way, Classic Romantic Classic in 7 KRASOK

Price – 12 000 rubles
The script:
They arrive to a THAI-SPA saloon “7 KRASOK”, having three hours free for SPA-treatments in a separate room.
1) First variant - in Thai way
He enjoys “Tropicanka”
She takes pleasure in “Elixir of youth”
2) Second variant – in Bali way
He is energized by “Reflexology massage” and activates his powers by “Harmony-Massage”
She delight in “Bali legend with scrub of Javanese lulur”
Then they sit down to table by the window, admire a beautiful view of a n evening Moscow and drink green tea or French wine.
Master silently leave alone with a light ethnic music and pleasant Eastern aromas. There is a half an hour to enjoy a magic atmosphere of calmness and harmony, to share impressions and tell each over the most important words…
From “7 KRASOK” for romantics: French wine or chocolate, if you drive… And, for sure, green tea.
This SPA-program you can find in saloons of STANDART and ECONOMY categories.

Romantic rendezvous, PREMIUMRomantic Premium in 7 KRASOK

Price – 17 000 rubles

Premium class program is implemented in 2 variants, depending on the saloon You will choose, and includes:
1) SPA-rituals in hammam: “Hammam with eucaliptus” (for Him), “Charm of the East” (for Her) in “7 KRASOK - CLASSIC” and “7 KRASOK on Prospekt Mira” saloons.
2) SPA-program in Russian baths “Let’s take a steam bath” in “7 KRASOK - FUSION” saloon.
3) A program performed by two Top-Masters in “7 KRASOK in Krylatskoe” saloon.



SPA only for TWO – VIP SPA only for two VIP in 7 KRASOK

Special price – 55 555 rubles

A short digression for comparison…
Do you remember the episode from “Once upon a time in America”: he and she has grown up and meet after many years of separation – at another age, in another status. He invites her in an enormous restaurant, where everything belongs to them. And the orchestra plays only for them… Creative approach to a romantic rendezvous – one would say nowadays.
You have an opportunity to excel the Robert De Niro’s hero in creativity.
The most comfortable premium class saloon “7 KRASOK - CLASSIC” on a closed territory of the elite housing complex “Zolotiye Klyuchi-2” belongs only for you two.

Night. Candles. The path made of rose petals under your feet. Light treat in a tea house. French champagne. Roses. There is no one except you two. Original SPA-programs in hammam. Trio of Bali-Masters perfectly perform the massage.
“Sultan hammam” for Him and “Enjoy Bali” for Her (both are performed by two Masters), plus “Charm of the East” for Her and “Harmony-Massage” for Him.
Relaxation in a tea house. You are alone and this saloon fully belongs to you – for whole 4 hours! Plays only your favorite music… Another world, another reality…
No one will resist…
P.S. Romantic rendezvous “SPA only for two - VIP” needs special preparation and must be ordered not less than 72 hours before the event.
The program begins at 11.00 p.m. and ends at 3.00 a.m.


As a present for your half you may buy:

GIFT CARDS ”7 KRASOK - HALFS” for couples

7 krasok halfs 27 krasok halfs 1

The price of the cards “7 KRASOK - HALFS” is 45 000 rubles + bonus 5 000 rubles





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